The official site of the exclusive Australian Model, Evelyn Devone... Tall, slick and tastefully sarcastic. 

   ‘What do you like to read?' remains my favourite ice-breaker.

   It’s a simple question. You are either (a) glaring at the penthouse ‘real estate’ portfolio or, (b) giggling to the political comics column beneath the crosswords. It’s either or neither. You then stumble upon a sexy witty hybrid which defies the general consensus. Perplexed, you’re unsure of whether to be aroused or amused (is it really wrong to be both?). If you’re rock hard in two locations, warmest welcome.

   If not, I would at least gather that my images enticed you to some extent: 1 for thumbnail, 0 for description. I should note that 50% is still a solid D. Credit me later.

   Regardless of your conclusion, you should not judge a book by its cover (even if its cover is a semi-nude busty slim model), nor by her blurb (although this is objectively awesome). You’ll only truly know upon stripping her contents and reaching her climax...

   Join me on my (mis) adventures.

Age: 24

Bust: 34DD

Size: EU 6 / US 2

Height: 5'8 / 173cm

Hair: Brunette with Blonde Highlights

Eyes: Brown

Accent: Australian

Shoe Size: EU 38 / US 7

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