The impression people get often does not reflect who I am. That is, 'too pretty to think'. In reality, I can live the day in my head. 


From law school to corporate finance, I first entered this industry quietly at the tender age of 22 to overcome a few failed investments. Now at 24, I have learnt so much from the pits of life than I have with anything else. I now have the insight, foresight, humility and depth I would otherwise never gained. Side Note, I gathered an interest in Finance not because of money but my fascination of collective human behaviour and it's translation into data; it's quite a story we would need to share over dinner.


At first glance, you will get an impression of a bubbly and overflowing enthusiastic character. Beneath the outer-shell, you will find a sense of calmness, a listening ear with the wisdom to comprehend, deep-understanding and a homely comfort. A sweet shyness carried on from youth that is shielded with a newfound stern model gaze, to be softened when the trust is built.


In short, I'm less impressed with the superficial and more impressed with good people. So when we meet, there is no need to bring out the best collection vintage wine and to hand over your CV (although you may if you want), just bring yourself and the quirkiness that the world may find weird.



Food: Sushi

Drink: Sparkling Champagne, Red

Flowers: Red Roses

Confectionery: Dark Chocolate

Tunes: 60's, Generic Top 100's



Yoga, Pilates, Ballet, Reading, Poetry/Writing, Cooking




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