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I'm in a morale conundrum:

As a hopeless romantic, keeping myself in check has been the most difficult test I've had to partake. Risking it all will mean risking a lot... 

That was until someone asked, 'How much will it take, name a figure, for you to be mine?' And for the first time, the emotional and mental uncertainty was cleared. Outside of my realisation, that was my biggest fear and my one deterrence.

The figure is not to put a price on 'us' but to acknowledge the trade-off for my time and effort I have taken from another aspect of my life without putting myself in a compromising position. It is to make me feel safe within us, compensates for the sacrifices I've had to make and gives us certainty by providing an essence of stability. 

Thank you for reading through my rationale and knowing it comes from a honest, loving and good place. 

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