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Can you visit my city?

You may put in a request and I can see how much interest a potential tour may gather. Please note that I would require a deposit to lock in the tour. The alternative is to fly me to you to guarantee a date!

What nationality are you?

I am Australian. Heritage wise, I am a mix of Cental-Asian.

Do you have a mailing list?

Not unless you have booked before and request so in person. I will send text message updates to regulars. You may keep up to date with me on social media or check my website regularly.

Do you have any tattoos?

I have a few very small, hidden and minimalistic ones. They are not seen on a day to day basis. I'll let you explore them!

I have been blocked and I am sorry. How can I still see you?

Did you make contrascending remarks? Did you intitially mention illicit drugs? Did you reach out in a vulgar manner? Were you asking multiple meaningless questions, without a direction in the enquiry? Did you spam me with missed calls, emails or text messages? Did you flake on our meeting? If you have been blocked and you believe it was a mistake, please send through a proper enquiry with an attached apology to

How are you groomed?

Fully shaven.

Can you substitute screening with references?

References are helpful but I cannot rely on references alone as a form of screening.

Does taking a picture of my American Express Card count as screening?

Unfortunately, no.

Does taking a selfie count as screening?

I don't judge by looks but instead, by behaviour. Please, provide the needed information :)

I don't have my physical card. Will I be able to make the payment with just my card numbers before we meet?

I will require the physical card to fill additional forms upon meeting.

Can we meet in person in a public space so I can pay you the deposit in cash?

I require the deposit to be prepaid before meeting. This avoids no shows or people simply snooping.

Are your breasts real?

My breast are not real, they're un-real! Jokes aside, they are crafted with delicacy and love. I have been complimented on how incredible they look and feel.

Can you tour around Australia?

I will not be touring any city outside of Sydney and Melbourne anymore unless I happen to be visiting for another reason. My focus will be on my home cities and a handful of international financial hubs.

Why don't you respond to my DM's through social media?

If you would like to make a booking, please email or text me directly. For everyday questions, please refer to this FAQ page.

Why did you refuse/not respond to my fetishes?

If I feel like a booking will compromise my safety, you will instantly be blocked without warning. If it is extreme, that I feel will put another person's life in danger, I will report you to the police immediately.

Can I make a booking through social media?

No. You will need to contact me through email, whatsapp or text.

Am I talking to you?

I have an assistant who responds to intitial contact on my behalf. When our booking has been locked in, you will be liasing directly with me.