The Naughty Girlfriend Experience

For starters, the appetiser. The classic girlfriend, but not without a twist. Expect a glass of champagne, a warm bath, candle-lit atmosphere (whether at yours or mine), with a hint of bantering building onto a seductive bliss. From kisses above and below the belt, gentle massages to ease the tension, sweet whispers, all leading to a soulful dance in the moonlight gazing into one's mysterious eyes. 


The P*rnstar Experience

Your petite, tall, model-like plaything... You wonder how the previous is juxtaposed with the transformed feisty kitten before you. Dressed to impress, her exterior is for you to decide. 'Let's try...' She smiles enthusiastically, full of ideas as she jots down your tastes, pushing your boundaries. The encounter will be packed with activities, as the curious kitten pounces around eagerly, leaving no bore moments. You may want to catch this on camera...


The Ultimate Experience

If you wish to try the best, you ought to try from the best. The title was initially used to bypass the taboo, a loaded slang for the insiders. Eventually, it became the speciality that put her on the international map. 'Greek', 'Italian'... Etc., however you would like to label it, we do not discriminate at Evelyn's Catering. This will be the ultimate experience which includes the tasting plate with all the above, and just a lot more...